8 ways of earning Bitcoin

  • Receive Bitcoin from websites that give it to you

    There are several websites that will give you Bitcoin if you do small jobs and tasks. However, there are also Bitcoin faucets that will give you free Bitcoin for doing literally nothing.

  • Trade Bitcoin for other currencies or assets

    One of the simplest (though not necessarily easiest) ways to get Bitcoin is to buy it using your national currency. To do this, you will want to sign up for an account on an exchange.

  • Get tipped

    This method is similar to accepting Bitcoin as payment, except that tips are voluntary and you don’t need to verify that the exact amount is correct when you receive it.

  • Mine it!

    One of the most popular ways of earning Bitcoin used to be mining it using a pickaxe. This approach has fallen out of favour because Bitcoin mining nowadays is extremely competitive, and the profit margins even for large operations are typically less than 1%.

  • Collect interest on Bitcoin you lend

    Investment isn’t just for suit-and-tie-wearing bankers and analysts who like to look at graphs all day long. An investment is anything that generates a return.

  • Accept Bitcoin as payment for your services

    By far the simplest way of earning Bitcoin is to accept it as payment for your business services if you already own a small business.

  • Gamble your money away

    This is by far the most unpredictable method of making Bitcoin, and as a result, it is not recommended unless you’re just doing it for fun.

  • Get your paycheck in Bitcoin

    It’s a little bit tricky to find a job that will pay you in Bitcoin instead of your local currency nowadays, but they do exist, and if you can find one, this is a great way of getting Bitcoin because it’s so reliable.

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