This is by far the most unpredictable method of making Bitcoin, and as a result, it is not recommended unless you’re just doing it for fun.

There are many websites, such as, that let you play a number of games to try and win Bitcoin.

If you’re more interested in purely chance based games, you can try Satoshi Dice.

Be vigilant when looking at Bitcoin gambling sites. Many of them are scams, and even those that aren’t are often rigged so that the house always wins. Gambling is a good way to lose money, but not a good way to make it.

However, there is another way of making money that is technically still gambling, but is far more fair: betting on the outcome of real events. Prediction markets are a relatively recent phenomenon that leverages the power of the free market to estimate the probability of an event occurring by letting people bet on the outcome. You can bet on anything from the outcome of a sports match to the outcome of an election.

Auger is a new decentralized prediction market that aims to allow people to bet on an outcome without the final decision being arbitrated by a centralized entity that may or may not be fully trustworthy. It is still fairly early in development and slightly harder to use than a normal prediction market, but it is something to keep an eye on, or even try out if you’re curious.

Predictious is a more traditional prediction market that uses centralized decision making.

You can also do this the old fashioned way and make bets with your friends about anything you like.