This method is similar to accepting Bitcoin as payment, except that tips are voluntary and you don’t need to verify that the exact amount is correct when you receive it.

One of the most ways of getting tipped—or receiving donations—is to simply list your Bitcoin address on your blog or personal project. When people view find it interesting or useful, they may decide to give you a little bit of their Bitcoin as compensation.

Although it is not always extremely profitable, may open source software projects are financed this way.

Bitcoin in particular is an interesting way of donating because donations are anonymous by default. And since Bitcoin has exploded in value in the past few years, many people who got into Bitcoin very early on are rich by this point.

Some of these people—“whales” as they are called—have more money than they know what to do with, so they may donate some to various projects they support. One very notable instance of this is known as the Pineapple Fund, a project by an anonymous individual to give money to various charities. More than $55 million has been donated by this benefactor so far.

If you own a physical shop, you might consider printing out a Bitcoin address and QR code and placing it somewhere inside, perhaps near the checkout area.

Additionally, if you are interested in giving tips as well as or instead of just receiving them, you might consider printing out private keys on small pieces of paper and giving them to people so they can sweep them with their wallet and receive the balance. This could make for a fun and interesting Christmas gift, for example!