There are several websites that will give you Bitcoin if you do small jobs and tasks. However, there are also Bitcoin faucets that will give you free Bitcoin for doing literally nothing.

These faucets are typically supported by ad revenue, but sometimes they are just run through donations to raise awareness about Bitcoin and to let people get their hands on a small amount of it so they can experiment with the technology.

Lest your imagination has run away with you and you’re now picturing kicking back and relaxing on a beach somewhere with a laptop in front of you as your net worth increases by the second while you do nothing, you should be aware that faucets will only give you a very tiny amount of Bitcoin (usually just a few Satoshis), and they typically require you to wait at least half an hour between payments. They also often have high payout limits, so you won’t actually receive this Bitcoin in your wallet until you accumulate quite a lot of it.

Still, this is a great option for those who are simply curious about Bitcoin and want to try it out without spending any money or going through the hassle of ID verification on an exchange.

There are also other websites that will give you Bitcoin if you do small tasks or complete various offers. These typically involve things like looking at ads, filling out surveys, or trying new apps. is one of these websites. There are many others you can find by searching for them.

You may also find websites like Bitfortip, which allows users to upload small tasks and place a bounty on them if you complete them. These are usually things like identifying the particular item in an image, or finding an old article or video the user has lost track of.